Two guards checking their security guard shift schedule software.

5 Best Security Guard Shift Schedule Software Solutions for 2024

Running a security business can feel like dancing through a minefield. Choosing bulletproof security guard shift scheduling software will give you the tools your business must have for successful operations.

Two guards checking their security guard shift schedule software.

Scheduling errors can lead to lost revenue, irritable employees, and possibly a damaged reputation. Thankfully, you can avoid many challenges in managing your staff with the best security guard schedule software for you.

These quick security dispatch software mini-reviews will help you make an informed buying choice. Check out the top five security rostering software apps sorted by the most helpful features.

What To Look For in Security Guard Shift Schedule Software

The best security guard dispatch software does far more than manage security staff shifts, assignments, and availability. Other critical features you may need in security guard scheduling software include:

  • Real-Time Communication: Send alerts, reminders, or instructions instantaneously.
  • Geofencing and GPS Location Tracking: Know that staff are where they should be.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Generate critical data on hours worked, overtime, attendance, incidents, compliance, and job satisfaction.
  • Integration and Compatibility: Security guard scheduling software should include or integrate with your office tools.
  • Customer Service: Reliable 24/7 support is critical because security is always on

Security Guard Scheduling Software Mini-Reviews

QuickBooks Time — Best for Business Tools 

QuickBooks Time cloud-based time tracking and scheduling software can help plan, monitor, and communicate your security guard rostering. You can create, edit, or copy work schedules from any device. You can also add or delete schedules, schedule by job or shift, and sync schedules with your calendar with this software. 

It allows you to track hours, breaks, overtime, and GPS locations in real time using geofencing alerts. In-app communication options include email, text, and in-app messages. Generating accurate, detailed reports on performance, productivity, and profitability is easy, and so is exporting data to QuickBooks or other accounting software for efficient payroll and invoicing.

QuickBooks Time has a learning curve, and it can get expensive if you have many users, but it’s a powerful tool that can help streamline your security guard scheduling process.

QuickBooks Time at a Glance

Key Features

  • Available on mobile
  • Desktop version
  • Many integrations


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy accounting integration
  • Monitor overtime easily


  • Exceptionally expensive if you have many users


$10/month plus $8/user/month 

30-day free trial 

No free plan

Connecteam — Best Overall Security Guard Scheduling Software

Outstanding customer service, a user-friendly interface, full customizability, and many more features make Connecteam the best all-in-one security guard scheduling app. 

Connecteam’s all-in-one employee scheduling app lets you easily create, manage, and share perfect schedules on any device. You can create single or multiple shifts and assign them based on registered qualifications. You can also copy existing shifts and set them as recurring, so there’s no need to remake schedules each week. Customizable templates help you design the schedule that works best for your team. 

Using Connecteam, you’ll have the ability to publish any open shifts so other employees can claim them. You can also set allowances for users to swap shifts so you don’t have to deal with the hassle. 

You’ll be able to communicate using in-app private, group, or company-wide chat to share shift instructions that can include location, notes, tasks, and attachments. Notifications about scheduling updates, changes, or requests are easy to send.

As one of its best features, the GPS time clock lets employees clock in or out in the app on their mobile devices. GPS tracking of security guard locations lets managers be sure personnel are where they should be.

Connecteam at a Glance

Key Features

  • Schedule guards on multiple sites
  • Get alerts for scheduling conflicts
  • Attach notes, images, videos, and GIFs to schedules
  • Excellent in-app communication
  • Digital summaries and incident reports
  • Remote onboarding and training for guards


  • Extremely affordable
  • Fast deployment — under 2 minutes
  • Highly intuitive and super easy to use
  • Highly responsive, effective customer service


  • Can only have 10 users on the free plan


Free-for-life plan for fewer than 10 users

Premium plans begin at $29/month for up to 30 users

TrackTik — Best for Attaching Details to Shift Assignments

Purpose-built for security guard shift scheduling, TrackTik is cloud-based software that can suit all types of security guards and their preferences. 

The Guarding Suite allows you to manage operations digitally. The Mobile+ Suite is an excellent way to assign, track, and dispatch the right personnel while giving them the necessary details. 

Many other features and benefits make TrackTik helpful for security guard management. The scheduling tool lets you create and assign shifts and track attendance with real-time monitoring that can improve performance and accountability. You also may be able to reduce labor costs by optimizing shift allocation.

Client satisfaction and retention can increase because you can keep them informed with access to reports, dashboards, and alerts. Everyone will enjoy streamlined in-app communication and collaboration.

Auditing and compliance with regulations and industry standards is easier because you can store data and documents in one location

TrackTik at a Glance

Key Features

  • Create reports in real-time
  • Automate scheduling
  • Integrate invoicing 


  • Created for and by security guards
  • Updated often


  • Clunky to use


Ask the vendor for prices

30-day free trial

No free plan

Hubstaff — Best for Tracking Work Hours

With outstanding analytics and tracking abilities, Hubstaff is designed more to boost productivity than as a security guard shift schedule app, but you can adapt it to your needs. There is a good tool set with functions for online timesheets, time tracking, reporting, and analytics. 

Smart reporting and analytics are where Hubstaff shines. Generate and customize detailed reports on performance, productivity, and profitability. Analytics can identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Protecting data and privacy is easy with encryption, backups, and role-based access. So is compliance with industry standards and regulations through digital signatures, incident reports, checklists, and audits. 

Hubstaff also integrates with widely used payroll and accounting tools, like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Gusto. 

Although expensive and aimed at productivity, Hubstaff works well as security guard dispatch software.

Hubstaff at a Glance

Key Features

  • Monitor employees
  • Track time online
  • Timesheets online
  • Invoice online
  • GPS tracking


  • Many useful features
  • Some scheduling abilities
  • Free plan for one user


  • Emphasis on productivity


Begins at $5.83/user/month for over one user

14-day free trial

Free plan for a single user

Humanity — Works Well for Scheduling Shifts

Humanity’s dynamic security rostering software solution excels at shift scheduling. Integrations with HCM software enable you to ensure that the best available employee fills each position and time slot. 

You’ll be able to create and update shifts in minutes using drag-and-drop and smart templates. Tracking attendance, performance, and location in real-time is efficient using GPS, QR codes, and biometrics.

Your team can communicate quickly via SMS, email, and in-app chat. They can also claim or swap shifts and clock in on mobile from geofenced locations.

To keep clients and owners informed, managers can generate reports and analytics about hours worked, overtime, payroll, incidents, and feedback. 

Humanity has everything needed for basic security guard shift scheduling and deployment. The appearance is good, it’s intuitive, and it does scheduling well.

However, it lacks many extra abilities, like adding shift notes or attaching documents, checklists, and forms. Also, it doesn’t have a document library for incident report forms and onboarding materials. 

Humanity at a Glance

Key Features

  • Schedule employees 
  • Online employee timesheets


  • Available on desktop and mobile
  • Schedule staff and shifts on mobile 


  • No features to scale business growth


Request pricing from the vendor

Free trial 

No free plan

What Is Security Guard Scheduling Software?

Security rostering software, or security guard shift schedule software, is a set of automated tools to efficiently manage employee time and availability for maximum efficiency and satisfaction. You’ll be able to create and assign a schedule that works for everyone. Workers can claim shifts using a mobile or desktop device, and you’ll get alerts for overtime and absences so you know that you’re following legal guidelines for hourly employees.

GPS lets you know where guards are at all times, and communication features help you stay in touch in real-time. Ensure everyone is paid in a timely manner by exporting timesheets to accounting software. And save time on future schedules by creating templates or copying previous schedules.

Three Crucial Benefits of Security Guard Scheduling Software

Here’s a breakdown of security rostering software’s three most critical benefits.

Reduce Scheduling Time and Expense 

Significantly lower the overhead from using manual scheduling. Automating scheduling and payroll calculations from leave and overtime can reduce labor expenses while meeting coverage needs. 

Optimize Security Coverage

Ensure that properties have the right coverage. Considering the facility size, activity patterns, and availability of security personnel, you can quickly create an optimum schedule that meets everyone’s needs without using spreadsheets or pen and paper.

Improve Visibility and Accountability

Gain enhanced visibility into who is working when and where. Real-time access to duty logs and assignment histories helps ensure personnel holds themselves accountable while enabling assessment of situations and taking appropriate action.


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